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Jamsetji Tata Quotes

Jamsetji Tata Quotes: Jamsetji Tata, in full Jamsetji Nusserwanji Tata. He was an Indian philanthropist and entrepreneur who founded the Tata Group. He was regarded as the legendary "Father of Indian Industry". India's first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru referred to Tata as a One-Man Planning Commission. 

Jamsetji Tata's great-grandson Ratan Tata who Indian industrialist and philanthropist.

Jamsetji Tata Birthday: Jamsetji Tata was born on March 3, 1839 in Navsari, Gujarat, India. He married to Hirabai Daboo. Their sons, Dorabji Tata and Ratanji Tata.

Jamsetji Tata Family: Jamsetji Tata's father Nusserwanji Tata and mother Jeevanbai Tata.

Jamsetji Tata Quotes

With honest and straightforward business principles, close and careful attention to details, and the ability to take advantage of favourable opportunities and circumstances, there is a scope for success. —  Jamsetji Tata
We do not claim to be more unselfish, more generous or more philanthropic than other people. But we think we started on sound and straightforward business principles, considering the interests of the shareholders our own, and the health and welfare of the employees, the sure foundation of our success. —  Jamsetji Tata
Freedom without the strength to support it and, if need be, defend it, would be a cruel delusion. And the strength to defend freedom can itself only come from widespread industrialisation and the infusion of modern science and technology into the country's economic life. —  Jamsetji Tata
Jamsetji Tata Quotes
In a free enterprise, the community is not just another stakeholder in business, but is in fact the very purpose of its existence. —  Jamsetji Tata
Be sure to lay wide streets planted with shady trees, every other of a quick-growing variety. Be sure that there is plenty of space for lawns and gardens, reserved large areas for football, hockey and parks. Earmark areas for Hindu temples, Mohammedan mosques and Christian churches. —  Jamsetji Tata
I have always held the opinion that all taxation in India bears most heavily on the poor and most lightly on the well-to-do classes. Those whose life and property receive the greatest protection from the government have the least to pay for it, while those with nearly nothing to lose have often to forgo their meals to pay the dues of government. —  Jamsetji Tata
Jamsetji Tata Quotes
If you cannot make it greater, at least preserve it. Do not let things slide. Go on doing my work and increasing it, but if you cannot, do not lose what we have already done. —  Jamsetji Tata
Live Life a little dangerously. —  Jamsetji Tata
Never start with diffidence, Always start with confidence. —  Jamsetji Tata
Uncommon thinkers reuse what common thinkers refuse. —  Jamsetji Tata
Jamsetji Tata Quotes

Jamsetji Tata Quotes On Society

No institute of science and technology can guarantee discoveries or inventions, and we cannot plan or command a work of genius at will. But do we give sufficient thought to the nurture of the young investigator, to providing the right atmosphere and condi. —  Jamsetji Tata
Making steel may be compared to making a chappati. To make a good chappati, even a golden pin will not work unless the dough is good. —  Jamsetji Tata
Jamsetji Tata Quotes
We have to find the intermediate ways and means of restoring a degree of stability to our politics and more than a degree of safety to our citizens. —  Jamsetji Tata
No success or achievement in material terms is worthwhile unless it serves the needs or interests of the country and its people and is achieved by fair and honest means. —  Jamsetji Tata
Quality is first engineered; only then it is inspected. —  Jamsetji Tata
Jamsetji Tata Quotes On Society
Most of our troubles are due to poor implementation, wrong priorities and unattainable targets. —  Jamsetji Tata
When you work, work as if everything depends on you. When you pray, pray as if everything depends on God. —  Jamsetji Tata
Nothing worthwhile is ever achieved without deep thought and hard work. —  Jamsetji Tata
Money is like manure. It stinks when you pile it; it grows when you spread it. —  Jamsetji Tata
Jamsetji Tata Quotes On Society



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